Andrology Awareness: providing safe, evidence-based information for all things andrology.

Andrology is defined by the Merriam-Webster as “a branch of medicine concerned with the anatomy, functions, and disorders (such as infertility or impotence) of the male reproductive system”; more in general, andrology is defined as the branches of science and medicine dealing with reproductive and sexual functions of the male under physiological and pathological conditions.  For short, andrology is the field of medicine involved in male sexual health, from infancy and childhood to old age.

Andrology is a rapidly progressing field of research, and new findings in the last decades have completely changed the general approach to sexual health: from introduction of pro-erectile drugs to assisted reproduction techniques, there is no branch of healthcare which has been evolving so quickly in recent times.

However, the ever-increasing public interest in andrology has led to the birth of fake news and to black market sale of “shameful” drugs. In these regards the European Academy of Andrology has dedicated time and effort to create this website, aiming to provide safe and evidence-based evidence to the general population, without excessive use of “medical jargon”.

We hope the information provided in this website will provide an answer to all of your doubts and concerns in andrology.